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    Gluten Free Options

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    Being diagnosed coeliac recently has made me realise how poor the options are! I have recently seen that there are 4 options for GF sandwiches across the whole campus and only 2 hot food options aside from Subway GF Sandwiches. Whilst the canteen can offer a jacket potato or chips (chips take 10 minutes to cook in a separate fryer, which isn't ideal), there are no healthy options at the canteen. Please could more GF hot options be available!
Dee D'argue
9:18am on 13 Oct 23 I agree. Im struggling too
Holly Townsend
11:01am on 6 Mar 24 As a fellow Coeliac student, I completely resonate with what you are saying. I only have lectures at Brit Mill which further limits my options. Unfortunately, there is also a high cross-contamination risk with eating at Subway (I have personally never risked it) and the attitude I'm getting from Starbucks is just don't bother trying to get anything suitable there.
Steffi Ward
3:29pm on 18 Mar 24 I agree; as a gluten-free vegetarian, I am also struggling. In Eat Central, there is an allergy chart, and the staff are helpful when you enquire. Often, there is very limited choice,ed to the gluten and I am reduc-free cake in Starbucks, bring it in from home, or go hungry. I would very much appreciate healthier choices on-site.