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    Dugouts and Scoreboards on the Lower Pitch

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    The university should invest in dugouts and scoreboards on the lower pitch. During games there are so many players standing on the sidelines, having dugouts will make more room for spectators to stand. Scoreboards should also be invested in as they improve the spectator experience aswell, making it easier to watch the games without having to ask the score or how long is left.
Will Day
6:56pm on 12 Mar 24 What an unbelievable idea, this would be amazing!!
Jack Harborne
7:12pm on 12 Mar 24 I believe everyones viewing experience would be greatly enhanced by these additions!! It could also increase engagement in sport as a result of visible results from funding!
Jack Lovell
9:32am on 13 Mar 24 Sounds like a fantastic idea. Would be very helpful for someone like me who does Football Journalism.
Daniel Barnes
9:34am on 13 Mar 24 Would be a great addition to have! :)
Alex Warren
9:34am on 13 Mar 24 This would be a great addition for the pitch.
Brandon James
9:35am on 13 Mar 24 This would really help Football Journalist students with reporting, it’s a great idea.
Ashley Dymond
2:22pm on 13 Mar 24 This seems like a no-brainer. Dugouts are a must as getting sorted on the side-lines can be a bit chaotic at times. Both implementations would no doubt be great for spectators too and will likely lead to bigger and more engaged audiences. Great idea!
Liam Chawke
11:18am on 18 Mar 24 I think this would be a great addition because it adds an extra element to the viewer’s perspective while also a professional image for supporters and players.
Mason Boyle
2:19pm on 18 Mar 24 I think this would be a great idea as dug outs and a scoreboard would help create a more professional environment at the university.