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    Bus Tracking App

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    No more hopeless waiting at the bus stops! Inaccurate timing of buses is what every student taking free bus transport has certainly experienced. Despite acknowledging natural factors like traffic during peak times cannot be avoided, it can still be visually controlled. Mobile App would be a great incentive that could easily track uni buses down. Accurate and available to everyone. Buses have already got tracking devices, however Google maps aren’t often a reliable platform to help locate them.
Oscar Eche
5:26pm on 9 Oct 23 Totally agree
Caitlin Howard
2:20pm on 14 Oct 23 An amazing idea! Absolutely worth while especially if it works well with other bus services.
Jack McGuinness
3:11pm on 25 Oct 23 Hi Everyone! Thank you for voting on this idea. As the vote mark has exceeded 25 votes, I will be taking it forward with the rest of the team to discuss it further. I've reached out to a member of the transport team about the idea and they have said they will contact me with any updates.
Cam Puchala
9:44am on 27 Oct 23 Hey Jack, thank you for this update, please, do let me know what the result will be. Depending on what the transport team will say, I have some ideas about how could this run and what additional benefits the app could bring.