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    U2 Buses and UniBus Standard

    • Transport and Parking
    I would like to input the following regarding the U2 Unibus One an hour from 10am is not acceptable, especially since a lot of lectures start at 11am or 1pm. If it wasn't bad enough to only have one bus per hour, this is a SINGLE decker bus per hour is certainly not acceptable especially since the bus drivers will pass you if the bus is remotely full. Despite being infrequent, they still manage to be incredibly late too. Terrible for student accessibility and safety.
Bella Maslauskas
6:32pm on 13 Oct 23 I can’t agree more with the above statement. It means that students are then left with no transport. The infrequency of the bus service after 3/4pm is also despicable - putting the safety of young students at risk when having to walk from Ked or indeed Markeaton in the dark, by themselves. We had a more frequent service during Coronavirus so I think it’s disgusting that the service has been cut with more students on campus. Especially given the fees that we pay to attend the university - you’d think that the safety of students and their ability to actually attend university would be at the forefront when organising things like this.
David Mulgrew
7:15pm on 18 Nov 23 Could have swore on the open days they said the bus was every 20 min most of the day. I've heard several students comment its not usable because its constantly too full to stop.