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    Heat and Eat facilities at Chesterfield Campus

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    Heat and Eat facilities, like those available at KR, for the chesterfield campus. Currently there is only 1 microwave which isn’t sufficient for the business of the campus some days, therefore some people do not get enough time to heat their food. A few microwaves and a kettle or hot water facilities would be great.
Katie Powis
10:37am on 21 Oct 23 Yes please one microwave is ridiculous
Donna Thomson
10:45am on 21 Oct 23 Really needed - end up having to buy food as the queue is just too big some days. This is rubbish for those on a budget to have no option.
Chelsea Haymes
11:18am on 21 Oct 23 I think having access to hot water, that isn't behind the Starbucks counter, will be beneficial to students.
Jessica Towers
1:05pm on 21 Oct 23 I think students should be able to have access to hot water, and additional microwaves. There is always a queue for people to heat their food . One microwave for the whole of the university isn't ideal.
Annabel Evans
2:22pm on 21 Oct 23 Agreed! The facilities at chesterfield are poor, such limited options and one microwave isn’t enough
Aurora Colombo
3:26pm on 24 Oct 23 At the St. Helena campus in Chesterfield, there is only one microwave for the whole campus. It is not enough; there is always a queue and insufficient time for all students to heat their lunches.
Danica Halsey
5:18pm on 25 Oct 23 That sounds like a great idea, there is very little for Chesterfield students who want to have a drink or a meal on a budget! This is very needed.
Emma Kelly
2:48pm on 3 Nov 23 Definitely extra facilities to heat food up at St Helena's is needed. The lack of meals available to purchase and the small cafeteria makes it difficult at lunch times. One microwave is not practical at all!
Joe Nthinda
1:03pm on 6 Nov 23 Fully support this idea!
April Jordan
1pm on 14 Nov 23 Please please please can we have another microwave! This would be massively helpful!
April Herriott
7:04pm on 20 Nov 23 This is a great idea, a kitchenette for students to help themselves to hot water and more microwaves. Students cant afford to eat and drink on site too expensive!
Stephanie Robinson
7:33pm on 20 Nov 23 Having to wait half your dinner break to heat your food up isn’t good enough! 2 microwaves needed
Kerry Whatley
8:20pm on 20 Nov 23 100% agree there is very limited options available and 1 very slow microwave is not enough for students
Kimberley Russell
12:29pm on 29 Nov 23 100% agree xx
Karlie Johnson
12:31pm on 29 Nov 23 Agreed, it’s ridiculous x
Kirsty Goodwin
12:38pm on 29 Nov 23 Definitely agree, both kettle and another microwave
Kirsty Williams
12:49pm on 29 Nov 23 Two microwaves would be amazing, hot water urn or equivalent would be good too please
Gary Helliwell
12:50pm on 29 Nov 23 Fully endorse this idea, we do not have adequate facilities to bring our own food in and heat it. The prices at our canteen are extortionate and the queue for the microwave is always too long.
Naomi Morris
12:56pm on 29 Nov 23 Majority of the students here have lunch at the same time, the que for one microwave sometimes means you are not getting your dinner as its too late or spending your own money at the cafe which some people can not afford! We should be able to have a couple of microwaves, kettles and even toasters so people are getting there lunch break at a sufficient time.