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    I really appreciate what is already being done to make the university inclusive and accomodating, for one I want that we talk more about it. Secondly, I would like to see a separate tile for students with special needs( physical and intellectual both) 3.A small facilitation for babies, as earlier today I saw student with a new born in the cafeteria, and it clicked to me how she must be managing her studies ,can we at least discuss this.I am many need such help but can't ask for it.
Jack McGuinness
2:11pm on 27 Oct 23 Hi Amnah, thank you for posting. It's great to hear you want us to be more vocal about inclusivity here. We have a variety of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officers who represent individual demographics of students here at Derby, and if you are interested to know more about them, you can find out via this url https://www.derbyunion.co.uk/change/officers/. All of these EDI Officers then feed into my remit, whereby I take that information into higher level meetings and planning committees. Some of these planning committees are around the liberation months, the first, which we're just about to finish, being Black History Month, which runs throughout October. We're currently in the process of planning for Disability History Month, 16th November - 16th December, where we are trying to showcase and expand parasports, which our Vice President (Activities), Gabriela Gretkowska, and President, Dom White, are working on. And also raise awareness of both visible and non-visible disabilities, which is part of my manifesto. In relation to the childcare idea, the library currently has facilities on the bottom floor for parents to use that the Student Parent and Carers Officer has some more plans to assist those with additional caring needs. If you have any questions about the Officers plans for the year, feel free to reach out to anyone via their email, which can be found on this page: https://www.derbyunion.co.uk/change/officers/