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    Parking on campus must be free for student

    • Money
    • Transport and Parking
    It cost a lot fortune to be a university student lately. With the rise of living cost, rent, fuel, food and other general maintenance. Not forgetting the huge tutorial fees we pay. From my point of view the university need to reconsider and stop charging student for parking fees. I understand the rationale to get everyone on public transport or the uni bus but they also forget the distance some of us have to travel to Uni. Sometimes driving to campus for lectures is not by choice but we have to.
Tracey Taylor
8:02pm on 29 Oct 23 Agreed!
Bethany Gull
9:22pm on 1 Nov 23 Agreed! As a student who loves at home as it is cheaper then paying for halls, I’m still paying a price to travel to and from Nottingham. Parking should be for those who travel from surrounding cities for uni!
Chloe Maskery
12:58pm on 2 Nov 23 Agreed! I'm in university every day other than Wednesdays and its costing me upwards of £20 a week for parking. I commute as I live close enough to Uni to not need Accommodation, but too far away to walk. The pricing of £5.20 for more than 4 Hours at Kedleston Road Campus is extortionate.
Donna Thomson
1:11pm on 14 Nov 23 Agreed, Chesterfield campus too!!
David Mulgrew
7:11pm on 18 Nov 23 The uni bus is also not fit for purpose. It regularly fails to stop because it is already over capacity
Rhian Finch
4:06pm on 5 Mar 24 Agreed, there should be a FREE parking pass for students, and anyone who isn't a student can pay the prices!! It's ridiculous that we're made to pay, with the amount we already pay to be at university. And there should be more buses, it's usually full so doesn't always stop.
Kirstie Valentine
6:11pm on 27 Mar 24 Absolutely. Those with permits have to have them for a reason, we need our cars available quickly. The cost of living is extortionate at the moment, it would help so much to remove the parking charges.