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    Individual Seating Area

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    We are all aware of the difficulty of trying to find a spare table or sofa in the atrium at lunch. One reason for this is for individual students who are taking up an entire table to themselves - our solution... Individual Seating area! Much like in the library where there is the individual study seating for those without a group, we suggest that there should be an area for those without a group to sit at lunch, saving the larger areas for groups - thus saving the tables and sofas for others.
Angeline Mupenda
8:19am on 15 Dec 23 Yess absolutely agree
Tracey Taylor
9:23am on 19 Dec 23 While this is an interesting idea I also have an idea: Me to person sitting alone: "Is anyone sitting here?" Person sitting alone: "No" Me: "Do you mind if I sit here?" Person: "No I don't mind" Me: "Thank you" I hope I don't cause offense with my comments, I think your idea is interesting but it also encourages people to isolate themselves, individual seating is fine for studying but in social spaces people should be encouraged to socialise. The university and the union encourages us to socialise, be kind, be inclusive, and make friends, we should take advantage of the opportunity you never know you might end up sitting next to a person who you become good friends with.
Rhian Finch
4:01pm on 5 Mar 24 Disagree with Tracy, some of us have issues with social interaction. Individual seating is a brilliant idea!