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    African Food on Campus

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    In the spirit of diversity and inclusion as well as the growing population of African students, it would be nice to have African food sold on campus.
Dija Bah
10:08am on 29 Nov 23 I absolutely agree with this. I have been thinking about it for a while now. I do have a restaurant operated from home, and students have been ordering me to eat on campus on a long day of lectures for the past two years. I have been thinking about the right person to speak to about it, but here we go. Someone else has noticed that it is indeed a struggle for African students to not have a huge part of their culture (i.e. food) displayed on campus. Thanks, Damilola, for raising this.
Henry Junior Okoligwe
11:38am on 29 Nov 23 That is a welcome idea, worthy of consideration.
Precious Daniels
9:29am on 18 Jan 24 Introducing African cuisine on campus provides an opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity, offering students a taste of different culinary traditions. It promotes inclusivity and reflects the diverse backgrounds within the campus community. Moreover, it can be an educational experience, fostering understanding and appreciation for global cultures through food. Additional , incorporating African food on campus aligns with the growing trend of embracing diverse and authentic culinary offerings. It creates a platform for local businesses or vendors specializing in African cuisine, contributing to the local economy and fostering community connections. Overall, it enriches the campus environment by broadening culinary horizons and encouraging a sense of unity through shared dining experiences.
Myles Garcia Muncie
9:13pm on 23 Mar 24 African cuisine at the uni does sound nice, to be honest.