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    At least one vegan option

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    There needs to be more vegan options in the canteen of Eat Central on the Kedleston Road campus. Often, there is no warm vegan option, if there is something that could be easily switched (like egg fried rice for chips), the staff is not willing to do so. This isn't very pleasant and has happened many times throughout the term. This university is innovative and should always provide at least one nutritious vegan option.This could work also for vegetarians or if made properly for gluten intolerant
Adam Peakall
10:34am on 16 Feb 24 Aramark is the company that run Eat Central and this was their response: "All our Hot meals on the concept side are adaptable to be Vegan. The main of the dishes are all vegan but then would usually come with condiments such as mint yoghurt, cheese, or egg fried rice for example. It was bought to my attention a few weeks ago that a customer had been told they wasn't allowed to swap out for chips, we have since tried to drill it into our front of house that there is no issue with swapping like for like items such as carbohydrates. I would suggest that if she comes across this problem again that she asks for Me, Angelika or Dale and we would be more than happy to come and let them know how we can adapt the meal to become Vegan. We have an allergen sheet that is printed daily by me that gives a detailed explanation of every ingredient in the dishes. This is available to any customers if they ask so they'll be able to see exactly what part of the 'meal dale' isn't suitable for vegans."