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    Hot water Dispenser

      To have a hot water dispenser available for students to access. For example If they want to bring a pot noodle for lunch or cup of tea and bring in their own cups and tea bags
    Ruth Brassington
    11:47am on 16 Nov 17 I agree
    Anna Downs
    5:54pm on 8 Jan 18 There is one in the kitchen at kedleston but not sure about other campuses
    Dave Lochtie
    5:25pm on 12 Jan 18 I've spoken to Grace (President) and she is adding to the discussion we are having with estates about microwaves and fridges. If there is an update I hear about i will post here!
    Grace Suszek
    11:53am on 5 Feb 18 Hello! I have spoken to the University's estates department about this and they are unwilling to have a hot water dispenser put in for health and safety reasons. However, Blends offer hot water for 25p, so whilst not completely free there is still a relatively inexpensive way to get your hot water if/when you need it.
    Kathryn Share
    6:12pm on 20 Feb 18 If you have your own cup and teabag, you can get free water from the kitchen
    Tina Ashford
    10:05am on 2 Oct 19 Both of the offered solutions are dependent on the kitchen or blends being open. what about in the evening when they are closed or at peak times when they are incredibly busy?
    Martin Beaumont
    12:40pm on 7 Oct 19 Hi Tina. We are looking at alternate ways of providing free hot water on campus, however hot water dispensers are not one of these as there are significant safety concerns associated with having them around campus. You get free hot water at multiple outlets during normal trading hours and there are some outlets that open until later into the evening. We will discuss this with the operator and see if they can also offer free hot water during these hours. Martin Beaumont Head of Operations