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These are ideas that have reached the voting threshold but have been turned down by Exec or Summit.

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    Uni buses on weekends

      Make uni buses run on weekends. Some students still want to get to ked road/brit mill/markeaton sites to study and use the sports centre on weekends. I'm walking half an hour to get to ked road every weekend to get to the sports centre, would be so much easier if there were uni buses running on weekends!
    Philippa White
    8:36am on 22 Mar 18 I agree, I know someone who got mugged on the way back from the university and it wasn't even that late at night, I wouldn't want to walk up there and back by myself after a certain time and if you've got a really busy day and you want to study in the library, it takes so much time out of your day just to walk there and back.
    Charlie Cassidy
    6:17pm on 15 Oct 19 I live in flamsteed court halls on Kedleston road so if I want to go into derby on a weekend or get to the train station so I can visit my friends and family I have a 30-45 minute walk so would love uni buses on weekends. Even just a few throughout the day would be a vast improvement than none at all
    Dave Lochtie
    8:07pm on 22 Jan 20 The union worked with the university, they conducted a review and the details were published https://www.derbyunion.co.uk/news/article/voice/Transport-Update/ Transport survey is happening now.