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    Laundry/Drying machines should be FREE in Halls

    • Facilities
    • Money
    The laundry and drying machines should be free in halls since we are already paying a big amount of money to be living here. Even if the amount of the machines doesn't seem "a lot" to others, it is a lot for a student. It feels as if they find ways to make more money.
Szymon Daniel Maciejewski
8:28pm on 26 Sep 19 Agree with that. It should be free.
Konstantina Michailide
11:26am on 27 Sep 19 Its not logic to give 5500£ for the accommodation and also to pay each time for the laundry
Christina Christofi
11:26am on 27 Sep 19 Last week the prices were 2,30-> washing , 1,30-> drying . Yesterday night, the prices were 2,50-> washing, 1,50-> drying . Do you believe that it is normal? We are students! It feels like they take advantage of students and thats really bad !
Mil Hodgson
1:36pm on 5 Oct 19 100% agree. It's also a hassle having to keep adding money onto the card
Grigoris Economides
1:01pm on 13 Nov 19 The description that they advertise for the halls is "You'll feel just like home". Well at home I don't pay for my damn laundry! This should be part of the living cost that we pay so much for!
Laura Maher
10:56am on 20 Nov 19 Good morning! This idea has reached the requisite number of up-votes to be considered by the Union and taken to Summit on Weds 27th November to be voted on by students at the final stage. As part of this, the person who created this idea is invited to give a speech 'for' the idea to the students wholl be voting in the room. This can be a great opportunity to convince students to vote for your idea. If this is you, please email me at laura.maher@derbyunion.co.uk
Dave Lochtie
3:06pm on 21 Nov 19 We have a response from Student Living - "We have committed to exploring an affordability policy for Student Living, this policy would explore rent setting and living costs such as washing. We have recently extended an invitation to the VP Activities (Faye Davies) to sit on the Executive Group of Student Living so we have student representation when making decisions around costs of living in halls. We would prefer to take a holistic approach to overall living costs rather than items such as washing in isolation. We encourage students to feed their thoughts on washing and other items through to Faye, VP Activites so we can begin to build the affordability policy in collaboration with the Union of Students." Feel free to add comments to add to the discussion at summit
Laura Maher
9:30am on 28 Nov 19 Yesterday this idea was taken to Student Summit and voted on by over 100 students. Unfortunately, this idea did not pass and therefore the Union is unable to action this idea. You are still able to submit this idea to the Ideas Forum a further time this academic year if you wish it to be voted on again. Whilst this idea wasn't successful, we want to thank you for putting this forward and letting the Union hear your voice. We are here to represent you and your interests and we hope that you post more ideas in the future. If you have any questions about any part of this, please contact me at laura.maher@derbyunion.co.uk