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    Reading week compulsory instead of enrichment week

    • Wellbeing
    • Education
    Reading week half way through October and February instead of enrichment week at the start of each semester. It could be used for field trips, normal trips, activities that were previously put on in enrichment week and just as a breather for the middle of the semester to catch up on reading for upcoming assignments.
Kim Scoble
3:14pm on 29 Oct 19 Reading weeks in October and April will help with assignment deadlines. Having extra time off over Christmas when Autumn modules are finished and before Spring modules start does not assist us in our studies.
Jordan Rowley
6:09pm on 29 Oct 19 Enrichment weeks allow first years and foundation years to interact and get to know one another, the time off over Christmas is essentially for mental well-being and for people revising for January exams which take place over the first 2 weeks in January. It is a good idea, but I don’t think enhancement week should be gotten rid of
Sophie Beldham
6:25pm on 29 Oct 19 Foundation years and First years will be able to get to know each other in lectures and welcome week. Few subjects put on events in enrichment week and the reading week could also be used if students need to go on trips and then no lectures would be missed (especially in geography where field trips are most years) As far as well being goes I would personally would benefit greater from a week in the middle of the semester where I can get my head straight about all the upcoming assignments more than what it is currently in place. The few events that are put on in enrichment could always be placed in the reading week for subjects that do not have a lot of reading or no trips.
Sophie Beldham
6:42pm on 29 Oct 19 It also be really helpful for all the parents that are also students because they do not have to miss lectures because the kids are at home
Molly Johnson
9:50pm on 29 Oct 19 Fully back this idea, reading week instead of enrichment week would be so much more beneficial! I can speak from experience having been both in foundation year and first year I 100% agree with this idea!
Helena Brown
10:04pm on 29 Oct 19 Think this is a good idea, it’ll give students a chance to organise themselves during the middle of the semester.
Hannah Murray
9:48pm on 19 Nov 19 Think this is a great idea and I’m fully on board
Kayleigh Sharland
11:22am on 20 Nov 19 This is a great idea. As previously mentioned, if these weeks were in sync with school term-time, this would help all students with children who struggle to attend scheduled events during half-term weeks. As we already have time off for Christmas and Easter, I think the extra time off would be better placed mid-semester, when deadlines are starting to pile up. I think having a breather there would better support students' mental health and well-being.
Dave Lochtie
7:46pm on 5 Feb 20 This item is due to be discussed at Student Summit next Wednesday 12th February 12 February 2020 from 14:00-16:00 in OL2, Kedleston Road. Come along if you would like to support or challenge this motion (minimum of 21 students required for any item to be considered). https://www.facebook.com/events/1539694852850129/
Laura Maher
9:55am on 6 Feb 20 If the author of this idea would like to make a speech for it at Summit, please contact me at laura.maher@derbyunion.co.uk
Dave Lochtie
10:26am on 13 Mar 20 Unfortunately this item was not passed at Student Summit, following a discussion about varying local practices in different programmes with various benefits. If you would like to find out more and consider posting a related idea to be considered in future please contact laura.maher@derbyunion.co.uk