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    Reinstate the PTO (Derby Theatre) as per student feedback

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    • Representation
    A recent poll that was sent out to all students studying at Derby Theatre found that, of those who replied, over half wished for a greater and more bespoke level of representation than just the student reps, and of those that wished for further representation, a majority wished for this representation to come in the form of a dedicated PTO. Due to this I am suggesting the reinstating of the PTO Derby Theatre, with its role description to be adapted to fit the Unions new representation policy.
Pamela Cording
12:44pm on 16 May 21 As a student at Derbky Theatre i woilf stress ghe importance of representation. We are very much segregated from the university and student representation, as demonstrated by the removal of the PTO
Rebecca Clarke
2:25pm on 16 May 21 Having a PTO has been fantastic for us, and only positive, so it’s removal has come as a shock to us when it was so beneficial.
Georgia Barrett
5:52pm on 19 May 21 The PTO role gave students based at Derby Theatre a voice within the Union. That voice being taken away once again puts Theatre Arts, Technical Theatre and Costume and Set Design students in a position of being excluded and not thought about, as we are on a separate campus.
Tia Page
2:57pm on 22 May 21 The Pto acted as the voice to so many students, students who had anxiety and so were unable to voice there own concerns or for those who would rather have someone talk for them. The Pto has been an incredibly positive and necessary role within Derby Theatre and one which i personally feel was the only thing making us feel connected to the university. I whole heartedly feel that the Pto shoudl be reinstated and kept as the students voice.
Nina Cupric
3pm on 27 Sep 21 *CLOSED* Hi everyone this idea is now closed. We have removed site specific Student Officers (previously PTOs) as per the new Academic Representation Policy. The Theatre student voice will be collated through the Student Officer (Arts). Please note that this role is currently vacant- if interested please get in touch with David Lochtie- david.lochtie@derbyunion.co.uk Alternatively a proposal could be submitted to our EGM- Extraordinary General Meeting- if you are interested please get in touch with David.