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    Current bus timetable unacceptable

    • Transport and Parking
    I wish to complain about the buses running every hour after 10.30am. I travel from Sheffield via train and a few times already I have missed the university bus by only a few minutes, this has meant I have had to wait an hour in the cold for the next bus. I have found this to be a very stressful experience as I am now having to set off even earlier in order to get to my lectures on time, I am now spending more time having to plan when to travel, which is unacceptable. This needs urgent attention!
Tracey Armitage
9:31pm on 6 Oct 21 The new timetable is creating a barrier to learning. Students are arriving late and therefore stressed during lectures. Buses are crammed which given the current COVID situation is disgraceful.
Vanessa Williamson
8:02am on 7 Oct 21 I understand last year there was a call for more regular buses on in the evening but this is now causing issues on bus timetable from 10.30 till 3.30 . If you have a late afternoon lecture you have to wait around an hour for a bus between these times this is making student late for lectures and giving them added stress and anxiety which isn't needed in the current situation
Suzy Stevenson
10:01am on 7 Oct 21 This is a repeat idea. As such your post and the two comments below, have been added to the existing idea to ensure your voice is heard. Please ensure you vote on the existing idea and add comments as you see fit: https://www.derbyunion.co.uk/change/ideas/?idea=654#idea654