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    • Transport and Parking
    I can understand changing the bus time to one hour during the day between 12pm and 3pm but allow to run 7-8 mims until 11am. If I miss my 9.27am bus from my end is late I don't stand a chance of getting the 9.37am bus on Bold Lane. I personally believe that buses should return to every 7-8 mins up until 11am and every 7-8 mins between 3pm-6pm. reduce bus times during hols instead that makes more sense. I guess most student like me will rely on getting a bus into the city centre to get the unibus
Suzy Stevenson
11:27am on 28 Oct 21 This idea has been picked up by the Transport Forum and as such will be archived. If you want to add more opinion to the transport debate, please attend and contribute to the Student Voice Conference on 24th November 2021 - https://www.derbyunion.co.uk/ents/event/3158/