Candidate for the position of Part Time Officer (Gender)

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Angelika Witasik




My name is Angelika, I am currently a first year student on the LLB Law degree based in University of Derby.
I understand perfectly what difficulties people face every day. I have organized charity events on numerous occasions to promote gender equality. In my daily work I deal with people who experience a lot of racial or gender injustice. That's why I want to apply for the TIME PART (Gender) so that I can listen to the needs of those in need and try to make their lives better and fair.

key aims

• Running a campaign promoting gender equality through during University events
• One hour a week, open session with me if anyone has any problems or worries (individual)
• Creating a Facebook group to promote gender equality.

What i have done as a year Repp

During my year as a representative of the year, I try to make students' voices heard at a higher level. I try to answer and solve every problem. I understand that even if someone seems to have a problem that doesn't matter, the same problem for someone else can be a big problem. Every student is important to me, treats everyone with respect and understanding. I take the time to hear and analyse the problem.

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