Elections Guide

What are the elections?

The Union of Students is a democratic organisation which represents the students of the University of Derby. To do this, we have to elect students into representative positions with specific remits, in order to best represent our students.

There are three main stages to the elections – the Nominations period, the Ratification period, and the Voting period.

  • During the Nominations period any student can put themselves forward to fill one of our numerous paid, and voluntary, roles.
  • During the Ratification period students who have nominated themselves will attend a meeting held by the Union to enable them to understand the rules of the election, and to be officially confirmed as a candidate. It is after Ratification when candidates will prepare their campaign materials and begin their campiagn.
  • During the Voting period all students can vote on the Union website. Candidates will spend the voting period canvassing for as many votes as possible.

Where can I find out more?

The first port of call for any elections information should be our website at derbyunion.co.uk/elections – any current elections will be available to enter and this elections guide will have the latest information.

Any official enquiries, complaints, feedback, or questions can be made to elections@derbyunion.co.uk which will be picked up by our elections team and directed to the best person to help.

If you're after some personal experience or a more casual Q&A you could also contact one of our elected officers directly using their details on our Elected Officers page.

Offline Election Guide

Download the Election guide PDF