Candidate for the position of Part Time Officer (Mature Students)

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Manny Sandhu

Part-Time Officer – Mature Students


Hello, my name is Manny and I am a first-year Forensic Science and Psychology student running for the position of Mature Student Part-time Officer. Previously I have worked as a student support officer, where I heard the voices of all students and helped implement processes, procedures, and activities that made student life a little more enjoyable. Over half of the students at the University of Derby are classed as mature and now, as a mature student myself with the appropriate background experience, I want to give a voice that will drive change and make student life for a mature student one to remember.



I also want to help those students who are categorized as mature students but may not classify themselves as such and therefore may find it difficult to know where they fit in.


If I am elected my aims will be:


  • Voicing concerns and issues that have an impact on mature students and their university experience.


  • To work with the student union and other departments to effect changes that will make mature students feel more integrated within the university such as wider support systems and more social activities which I will intend to make available that are more suited towards mature students.


  • To work with societies and sports officers to encourage mature students to access sporting and society opportunities available to them as well as presenting new ones.


If you support the aims in this MANNYFESTO and want to be part of the driving force that will improve mature student life then please take a moment o vote online.


Many Thanks,