Candidate for the position of Part Time Officer (Gender)

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Wayne Christian McFarland

Manifesto for Part Time Officer of Gender


Hey Everyone! I am Wayne McFarland, a second year Biomedical Health Student. I have been a Program Representative for the past 2 years and plan on running again for my 3rd year as well. In my second year I have had a lot of involvement with the union of students first as an Education Councilor for Human Sciences and in December of 2019 I was voted into the position of PTO for Human Sciences to take the mantle from the previous person that was in the position. I have been working hard to make connections with Staff and Academics of the College and University as well as making Connections with Careers and Employment Services to create more opportunities for students studying Human Sciences. I want to continue working with the Union of Students to make a difference and to make sure that everyone has a good university experience here at the University of Derby.

Here are the main goals I hope to achieve or set into motion if I were to get the position of PTO Gender:

  • I want to look at which minority of students is most likely not to use the wellbeing services and come up with a campaign that would encourage the use and promote the services for all students.


  • As Gender Equalities officer I will be invested in collaboration with all equalities officers, including LGBTQ PTO, Disabilities PTO, Mental Health Awareness PTO, and Mature, Part-Time and International Students PTO to aim to create a supportive and collaborative atmosphere throughout the university.



  • I promise that I will make it my responsibility to raise awareness of inequalities amongst all gender identities and bring representation to those who need it as well as make a safe and welcoming environment for those who want to raise issues or concerns.

I am always happy to talk to people and believe that everyone should have a voice. I want to help the university become a model for other universities in Gender equality as well as have equality for students of all backgrounds. Don’t be afraid to come and talk with me and if you have any concerns, ideas, or just want to chat, as I encourage and try to be approachable to anyone. I hope that I can be a voice for those who don’t have one and continue being one of many that is bringing a wave of change to the university. I hope that you will consider me for PTO Gender in these Bi-Elections.