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Wed 29th September

Mukky Duck Hunt around Halls
2pm - 6pm
Halls of Residence
Do you fancy winning yourself a prize? Free drinks all night? Free entry to Mukky Duck forever?
CU Freshers 2021: Q&A Night
7pm - 8:30pm
YADA, 58 Green Lane, Derby, DE1 1RP
Join us at YADA for an evening of answering your questions about Jesus, the Bible and all things Christian! This event is for everyone - so if you want to listen in on questions asked, or have a question yourself, we'd love to give a response!
Mukky Duck Ball Pit
10pm - 3am
All your standard Mukky madness plus a big ball pit!

Thu 30th September

CU Freshers 2021: Dial-a-doughnut
11am - 1pm
Kedleston Road Campus
Got a question about Christianity, Jesus, the Bible or more? We'd love to give a go at answering them! If you send us your question and we answer it, you get a free doughnut - no catch, as simple as that!
A Very British Picnic (International students)
noon - 3pm
Freshers Village
All International students (new and returning) are invited to a traditional British picnic.
CU Freshers 2021: Try CU, Try Church (GIAG)
7pm - 8:30pm
One Friar Gate Square Campus
Our Give-It-A-Go session this year is a taster of what CU is like! We'll be hosting a mini meeting, alongside hosting student pastors from local churches in Derby to explain and promote their church. Don't worry, we'll bring the food and drinks!
10pm - 3am
The Friary
Warm up your vocal chords, and get ready to sing the night away at The Friary!

Fri 1st October

CU Freshers 2021: Games Night
7pm - 8:30pm
YADA, 58 Green Lane, Derby, DE1 1RP
Back by popular demand! We have our annual games night and we'd love for you to join us. Our event involves a short talk, games (lots of them!) and fun!
Fresher’s Finale
10pm - 3am
For those of you that have survived Freshers 2021, we have one final Freshers event to knock your socks off!

Sun 3rd October

CU Freshers 2021: Church Search #2
10am - noon
Never been to church? Haven't been for a while? We'd love to help you find a place to call home away from home in a new city.
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