Your Officers

Officer Trustees

Your four Officer Trustees were elected to lead the Union – representing every one of our students to the University and moving the Union forward in the direction that you want them to. They work full-time and are paid employees of the Union of Students to ensure they're always there when you need them.

Corey Beck

Union President

Nina Cupric

Vice President (Education)

Emily Lane

Vice President (Welfare)

Josh Williams

Vice President (Activities)

Part Time Welfare Officers

Your Part Time Officers are elected to represent students within their portfolio. Part Time Officers still study alongside the role and, as such, they are tasked to represent smaller groups of students and feed back to the Union on what those students are saying.

Below are the officers whose remit specifically targets Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Part Time Officers (Equality & Diversity)

Cerys Bacon

Part Time Officer (Disabilities)

Tamandani Mzandu

Part Time Officer (Ethnic Minorites)

Wayne McFarland

Part Time Officer (Gender)

Neil Pennell

Part Time Officer (LGBTQ+)

Daniel Fagan

Part Time Officer (Mental Health Awareness)

Angharad Evans

Part Time Officer (Sustainability)

Ainars Karklins

Part Time Officer (International Students)

Maisie Lodge

Part Time Officer (Student Parents & Carers)


Part Time Officer (Part Time Students)

Jack Tymon

Part Time Officer (Commuter Students)


Part Time Officer (Faith & Belief)

Lizzie Ward

Part Time Officer (Mature Students)

Tom Brailey

Buxton Events Officer

Hatty Green

Buxton Activities Officer

Part Time Officers (Chairs)

Rebecca Hill

Union Sports Chair

Elliot Horne

Union Societies Chair

Shannesia Hodge

Equality & Diversity Council Chair

Chris Winson

Education Chair

Charlotte Harrison-Wear

Buxton Chair