Extraordinary General Meeting

Extraordinary General Meeting

It’s so extraordinary, we don’t hold them that often!

Thu 07 December 2017 16:00-18:00, Kedleston Road, T201

We invite you to come along to the EGM and vote on decisions key to the Union’s direction. This is your chance to present changes which you want to lobby the Union to do on your behalf. Such proposals which have been passed in the Union before have included changing the Union’s decision-making meetings, taking a stance against payday loans and lobbying the University on matters which relate to you.

If you have anything you wish the Union to enact or lobby the University to change, please email james.lavender@derbyunion.co.uk for the Motion Proposal Form. 

All students can attend and vote on this meeting. We need 50 students to attend for the meeting to go ahead.

We will also be providing free pizza for this meeting!