The Puzzle challenge

The Puzzle challenge

A Event hosted by 3 Societies for those who wish to come and try their hand at solving some puzzles, free food and drink supplied after the event.

Sun 17 September 2017 13:00-16:30, Kedleston Road campus, Derby university

The confederacy invites you to take part in their puzzle challenge! Assemble your teams of three or four to collect as many points as you can within the time limit. With over 90 puzzles to try your hand at & a secret bonus puzzle with a massive 22 points. There will be a mix of puzzles across a range of specialities including riddles, mazes, ciphers & more! With free food & drink for everyone provided afterwards and prizes to be won. Book tickets now on the UDSU website for £3, or come along on the day and pay £4 on the door.  

So why not come on down to this unique Welcome experience to prove that you are one of the more intelligent within the univeristy!

There are only 120 tickets, with the cut off time being 13-09-2017 at midnight for online purchases. Though any left over will be sold on the day for £4 per person.

For more information and any questions please message the facebook group: 


There are 12 black socks and 12 white socks in a drawer. Blindfolded, how many socks would you have to take from the draw to ensure a pair?