Student Led Services

The Union has a handful of Student Led Services which work in a similar way to our sports clubs and societies – in that they have a committee of current students to lead them and organise the work that they do, with help from the Union.

As a student-led service committee member the union supports me by...

  • Allowing me to use the skills I learn in lectures in a practical environment
  • Supporting me to try new things
  • Giving me new opportunities to test my skills and knowledge

Our Student Led Services

Committee Recruitment

The main difference between SLSs and our Societies is that the committee positions are not democratically elected from their memberships. SLS committees are appointed, through an application process, by a panel consisting of Union staff, officers, and SLS members. This means the more technical roles are filled by students with the appropriate level of expertise and the services are able to grow with a more consistent presence.

If you're interested in a committee role, you can view the role descriptions and apply online.

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