Sports Council

Union Sports are overseen by the Sports Council – a group of elected students that have specific areas to develop and improve in order to improve the sports offering for all of our students at Derby.

Faye Davies

Sports Officer

I’m a 3rd year BSc Geology (Hons) student and I am currently Secretary of Women’s Football, as well as being a part of Women’s Rugby. As Sports Chair I support the Vice President (Activities), in the general running of sports at Derby, as well as offer support to the other council members. I also chair the Sport Council meetings and have a casting vote on any decisions made by the council.

Zac Herrod

Performance Sport Councillor

I’m currently in my 3rd year studying BSc Geology (Hons), I’m also the President of the Cycling Club and on the performance squad for the Cycling Team. As Performance Sports Councillor I am the voice for all the Performance Sports and Performance Athletes at Union meetings, Team Derby meetings and council meetings, providing their feedback and helping to resolve any issues.

Jenna Bierton

BUCS Councillor

I’m in my 3rd year studying Journalism and Sport Joint Honours and I Captain the Women’s Rugby Union 1st Team. As BUCS Councillor I represent all clubs competing in British University and College Sport (BUCS) competitions, giving then a voice within in the Union of Students, Team Derby and the Sports Council. I aid teams in anyway I can, providing them with extra payers, support, advice and by solving any issues they may have.

Cal Allwright

Non-BUCS Councillor

My name is Cal, I’m in my 3rd year of Early Childhood Studies. I’m currently Publicity Officer for Derby Ravens, our national winning Cheerleading Team.

Catrina Dakin

Inclusive Councillor

Hi I’m Catrina, I’ve been part of the trampolining club since starting University. I’m a 3rd year Biomedical health student, hoping to become a medical writer after graduation.

Mel Welaratne

BUCS Individuals Councillor

I’m current president for athletics and Events & PR sec for women’s rugby union. I student Fine art and I’m in my 3rd year!

Lorna Bennett

Buxton Activities Officer

I'm Lorna, the Buxton Activities Officer. I'm currently in my 3rd year studying Outdoor Leadership and Management which is based in Buxton. My role is to ensure that all the students who are involved in sports and societies in Buxton have a voice and also to provide support for them.