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What is a Student Led Service?

A student led services work in a similar way to our societies – the only difference is the committee roles are appointed rather than elected. Candidates will be interviewed by a panel of Union staff, officers, and SLS members. This is to ensure that technical positions are filled by students with the correct skill level and expertise to enable to SLS to thrive.

Why should I get involved?

Students manage the Student Led Services with support from the Union and University. To allow the services to succeed, we need the support from passionate students.

Having a role in an SLS will also look impressive on your CV. You will develop transferable skills such as leadership, teamwork, organisation and interpersonal skills.

If you are passionate about fundraising, filming, writing, radio or are a budding entrepreneur, keep reading to find out more about the Student Led Services you can get involved with.

Phantom Media

Phantom media is the brand that includes our Union TV, Radio and Newspaper services.

Phantom Radio

Phantom radio runs five days a week with a large selection of shows, from live sports coverage to rock and metal. You can start your own radio show or have a one off being a guest.

‘The Phantom’ Newspaper

If you are a keen writer, you can easily get started blogging for our Phantom newspaper. Create an account on our website, write a short bio and add a photo – then you’re all set to start your first post!

Phantom TV

Phantom TV provides a large range of content from live sporting and political coverage to satire viral videos. We are a growing team of talented and committed students looking to build the stations reputation and provide a high-quality impactful service.

RAG (Raise and Give)

Your Union's main fundraising body can be found in RAG, which stands for Raise and Give and pretty much does what it says on the tin! Every year the student committee work hard to raise as much money for charity as they possibly can.

RAG isn’t just about charities – it’s all things fundraising, and they can always help and support you in almost any fundraising venture that takes your fancy; this could be anything from a Fun Run, a project with your Club or Society or maybe even an adventure with an organisation such as Childreach.

Last year, RAG helped the Union raised an amazing £11,426.06, including almost £4,000 from the Netball club and £6,000 from the Rugby club during Movember.



 - igniting business innovation with integrity and passion


 - the experience of social impact that sparks social enterprise.


 - student, academic and business leaders collaborating to create a better world.

Looking for students who want to change the world.

Described as ‘a new opportunity for students to develop their own social projects and enterprises’. Social enterprise projects are a culmination of a business and a charity. The projects funded and supported through Enactus do turn a profit, but all of that financial gain is then reinvested into the charitable elements.

Find out more on Enactus' minisite on derbyunion.co.uk.


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