Making the Most of Being Online

Just imagine for a moment that we were mixing, mingling and making sure our assignments were looked at before the due date. It'd be great wouldn't it? Although this year isn't quite going how we hoped, this guide will help you do all that and more. So sit back with a drink, read on and know that whatever you achieve each day is enough.

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A Motivated Mindset: The Best Thing To Help You Through

We all get a little (or alot) fed up at times, of the coursework, of sitting in front of a screen, of that 9.00am lecture when your bed is so close. This is absolutely ok. You've already made it through more than you think to be here today and it's good to remind yourself of that. So find something that helps you stay on track and working towards your goals, some examples of this are:

Keep a jar of accomplishments
Whether you've managed to complete a piece of coursework, book a tutorial or just make yourself a drink - write it down and stick it in, it'll help you see how much you've done so far.
Keep your end goal in mind
Sticking a note somewhere close to where you study with your reason for starting is a great way to remind yourself what you're working for.
Call for back-up
If you need it, find a study buddy or ask a friend or family member to check on your progress once or twice a week. Having someone to report back to makes us more likely to get things done.

Organising Your Time

Starting your day with the following will help you achieve what you need to and be able to look back and reflect on what you've achieved:

  • Clear a space to study, even if you only have your bedroom, make a space that's comfortable for you
  • Have a to do list that includes everything (even those things you want to forget about.) - Minimize interruptions by turning your phone upside down, not opening your emails and letting anyone you live with know you need some time to work.
  • Don't procrastinate, it's great to take a break when you need it and to look at something other than the screen every so often but it's not helpful to put on that show you want to binge watch. Keep focused and you'll achieve more.
  • Limit multi-tasking, doing more than one thing at once will mean you don't have the energy to face each task 100%. Break it

Dealing with Online Lectures

Staring at your third lecture of the week where you're expected to be engaging, chatting and knowing what on earth everyone is talking about can be a real challenge when everyday feels the same. Some of these tips should help you break down that feeling of stress when it comes to logging on: 

Engage with the content
Just like you’d take notes in an in person lecture, have a notebook and pen handy when you log into online ones. Eliminate distractions as much as possible and focus on the session, taking notes as you go. It can also help to find out if your lectures are recorded as going back over them and listening again can clarify anything you’re not sure of.
Utilise the reading, screening or activity list
Most modules will have a reading list, some courses may also have a list of films/tv to watch or activities to do. It can be very easy to ignore these until the week your assignments are due in (don’t worry, we all do it at times), but setting aside just a few hours a week to begin with to look at the suggested reading can help you form your own ideas about your work and feel more informed when it comes to getting the work done.
Get a group chat started
Whether this is on teams or something like messenger, a group chat with the rest of your class can do wonders when you’re not sure about something. Other people might know the answer, supporting each others learning in this way helps you build friendships and feel more connected to your education.

Learning online is new for alot of us and it's an adjustment, don't be upset with yourself if you don't achieve everything you want to in a day, you still have tomorrow to try again. The most important thing is that you look after yourself and structure your time comfortably. 


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