Are you struggling to think of a New Year’s Resolution?

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Or are you going along with the repeated phrase ‘New Year, Same Me’

New year’s resolutions don’t have to be life changing to yourself but could make a lasting difference in the community.

Random acts of kindness seem to be a current craze, this could be randomly leaving money on vending machine for someone, serving at a homeless shelter or simply letting someone go in front of you in line.

Something else that’s a great idea for new year’s resolutions is to volunteer more in the community, there’s great opportunities to work with Age UK where you have a half an hour phone call with an elderly person each week.

My new year’s resolutions are to finally complete last years and brave giving blood, read more and volunteer in a homeless shelter for one night!

If your new years resolutions are to make an impact in the community make sure you let myself your VP(Community) know what you’re up to as she has lots of rewards such as Krispee Kremes and live music tickets.


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