Freshers' Fortnight - Welcome Team Sign-Up

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We're looking for a group of motivated volunteers to help out during Freshers' Fortnight.

Remember how daunting it can be coming to Uni for the first time? Well we want to make sure that this year's new students are met with a helping hand from The Students' Union. Could you be the person to show new students where to go, help out with daytime events, letting people know what's going on throughout our programme of events, being a hub of information and generally being a friendly face on campus? If the answer is yes to those questions then why not sign up below?

Successful applicants will receive training before freshers, a free t-shirt and as a reward for your hard work; a FREE #DerbyFresh16 wristband, Giving you entry to all of our events.

If you have any questions please email


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