Top 5 reasons to Volunteer whilst you're a student!

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When people hear the word volunteering they think of litter picking or helping old people, but some of you are probably volunteering in your day to day without even realising!

If you’re an academic rep, society committee member or even getting work experience- YOU ARE A VOLUNTEER!

So, I am going to talk about why you should volunteer whilst you’re a student!

  1. You gain confidence

Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to practice and develop skills. Confidence comes with practice and pushing yourself into uncomfortable situations- it just makes them less scary the next time. You might be unconfident with typing formal emails or talking to larger groups of people at the moment but after volunteering your fear should decrease!

  1. You pick up key skills

Key skills employers look out for are communication, time management and initiative. These are all skills that can be picked up whilst volunteering. Communication could be developed though contacting organisations your volunteering for or within the team you may be working with. Time management is shown by volunteering alongside your studies. And Initiative is shown by actually volunteering or could be developed in the role from project planning!

  1. You get to know the right people

Have you heard the saying ‘its not what you know it’s who you know’? Well volunteering gives you a key head start as you start to meet more people, helping them out might get your foot in the door for possible jobs in the future!

  1. It’s good for you mental wellbeing

University can be hard and the levels of students with depression is rising. Doing something good such as volunteering can make you feel better, feel like you’ve accomplished something and given something back to the community. It doesn’t need to be a massive initiative but when you reflect on it having a cup of tea at home it should make you smile ??

  1. You have REALLY long holidays

Over Christmas this year you had about 6 weeks off- why not make the most of this time! Holidays are expensive, but volunteering is free. There are opportunities for you to volunteer in Fiji over summer or work on local community projects which could be lifechanging!


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