What even is Rep Con?

Don't worry, you probably aren't the only one asking that question. There is no need to hide, we have the answers

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Rep Conference is a fantastic opportunity offered to the Union Programme Reps to give you a variety of exclusive opportunities and to reward you for volunteering in your role. A date for the diary – 25th November 2020!

What happens at Rep Con?

There will be opportunities for professional development, voting on ideas passed through the ideas forum and networking with other reps and our part time officers. This year will look slightly different as it will be held virtually through blackboard collaborate/Teams but this will not take away from the skills you will learn throughout the day!

Who can attend?

Programme Reps who have registered with the Union – if you have been elected but not registered, then make sure you register as a programme rep today.

What is a rep?

A programme rep is a current student who has been elected into position by their fellow class mates. Their role is voluntary, and the main responsibilities are to gather student feedback from your class and present these back to the staff team to devise creative solutions and to create positive change to enhance student experience. You will work closely with your lecturing team to make the programme the best it can be.

Benefits of being a programme rep?

  • Your voluntary role will be recorded on your HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) which is a report you receive once you have completed your degree – there are three mandatory requirements you must complete as a rep for this to be recorded
    • Complete our online training course/rep-refresher quiz or our virtual session.
    • Attend a minimum of two PCMS (programme committee meetings)
    • Complete a minimum of one online rep statement (showcasing the positive changes and the impact you have made on your programme)
  • You can complete a futures award which recognises your time volunteering and you will receive a certificate depending on the level you have obtained.
  • You will be invited to the Union Education Awards, you can be nominated by your fellow peers and lecturing team and you may win Programme Rep of the Year.
  • You will receive a wide level of support from the Union including our staff team, part time officers, Facebook groups and our Teams Site.

How do I become a rep?

In the first instance, you will need to speak to your lecturing team to see if rep elections have already taken place. If not, ask if you can put yourself forward and to hold a rep election. They can email lucy.reardon@derbyunion.co.uk (stephanie.groves@derbyunion.co.uk – from 2nd Nov onwards) to see if we are available to attend a session to hold the elections for you.

How do I find out who my programme rep is?

You can find out who your programme rep is via our website, which is regularly updated. If you can not see your programme/year group on the list, a rep may not have registered or an election has not taken place. Please ask your lecture in either of these instances.

How do I know that they're making the changes I want to see?

The Union of Students hold regular student forum events across the year where your reps can provide feedback on a wider scale and these are open to all students to attend. Your reps should also be attending programme committee meetings where programme level issues are being raised. The reps should feed back any outcomes after these meetings or lecturers discussing changes that have been made. Please note that not all changes will be made for your academic year but these issues or concerns raised will impact future students studying at the University.

I have an idea for an important change that I know people feel the same about, where can I share it?

There are two ways you can do this:

The Union have an Ideas Forum where you can submit any idea for change about your University experience or vote/comment one existing ideas. If you can get a least 25 up votes, the Union officers are then able to consider it but do not stop at 25, the more votes and comments an idea gets, the more power it gives us to try and action it! The Ideas forum is a direct and effective way to get your voices heard and you can use it as many times as you need throughout your studies.

You can also raise the issue with your programme rep who can then elevate to your Part Time Officer in your relevant area. Alternatively, you can message directly to your Part Time Officer.


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