Fundraising Top Tips!

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Have a purpose and goal to your fundraising

Having a plan is the best way to go about fundraising, know what you want to fundraise for and why. This will make it so much easier for you. You will be naturally enthusiastic when talking about what you're doing so people will want to give more money, plus the organising will seem so much easier if you really care about the project!

Work alongside the festivities/ holidays

Coming up with fundraising events can be difficult, but this can be made easier if you work alongside certain times of the year. Themes like Christmas open the door to numerous events you could fundraise at, as well people donating more when they are in a good mood, and what time is happier than Christmas?!

Also, if your main consumer is students, try to host it soon after people get their student loans - if you host it just before a loan drop people won’t have anything to give away!

Don’t be afraid to try something different!

Some of the best fundraisers I have hosted have been something completely out the blue! I mean I love cakes and a bake sale more than most things, but it didn’t quite get people talking like throwing eggs and beans at Union Officers! If you have a whacky idea and are worried about a risk assessment, do not be afraid to ask me for help!

Always let the charity you're fundraising for know!

Charities get very excited when you let them know you're fundraising for them. They often send down free t-shirts, buckets and even balloons! They might even help you market your event by sharing it on social media or writing about it afterwards.

Don’t be afraid to say NO!

If charites ask too much of you, or your event is getting too big for you to handle- don’t be afraid to say NO! Fundraising alongside a degree is not easy so do ask for help or say no if its starting to affect your studies.


Charlotte Guaja, Vice-president (Community)


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