RAG Raise £71,831.79!!!

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Raise and Give (RAG) are proud to announce the current total fundraised by students this academic year is £71,831.79!!!

This has been generated from the September from students hosting fundraising events, running marathons, eating cakes, growing moustaches and even more amazing activities!

The year started with the success of RAG Week, where by the students fundraise solely for the chosen RAG Charities throughout the week. Library fines paid in this week go to the charities and numerous student groups host events to make a profit for the charities.

For the rest of the year students are welcome to fundraise for charities of their choice, in any way they want.

This year Rhys, Union Societies Coordinator, ran a jailbreak event. This is a challenge for students to get, as far away from the University as possible 36 hours without spending any money or communicating with people you know. Fundraising for their chosen charity along the way, this event raised over £2,000 and students got as far as Fuerteventura! So keep your eyes peeled if you fancy the challenge in the upcoming academic year!

A large increase is due to eleven students fundraising themselves to go to Fiji for a month to volunteer, working in schools and living with local families with the charity ThinkPacific. Another eight students are currently in India volunteering after fundraising their way there with Future Sense Charity.

Working with the student experience team, we made simply filling in your NSS survey a way to fundraise; if the 80% of your course filled in the survey the course got £80 to go to a chosen charity.

Charlotte, your Vice-president (Community), attended the Autism East Midlands 50th Anniversary evening where she met students and staff of Autism East Midlands who will benefit massively due to our fundraising!

Next year there are rumours of events such as RAG Extreme, where we can help you participate in extreme events whilst fundraising. However, if abseiling or skydiving is not your thing, the RAG committee are here to support any fundraising idea you may have. Whether that be a bake sale, quiz or throwing eggs at your lecturers…

To get involved in all sorts of activities and raise money to create an impact contact the RAG Committee at rag@derbyunion.co.uk


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