Free period products for students

Your new President Jack introduces one of his key aims for the year.

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When you go into a bathroom there is always soap, water and toilet paper isn’t there?

These are always free and easily available – and that’s because we need them.

Well, why then, when students who have periods need suitable products for this natural bodily function, are these not free and easily available?... I want to change this.

If we haven’t met, I’m Jack Tymon, the new President of Derby’s Union of Students and I was elected in March on a manifesto which aimed to offer students free access to period products.

I’m aware around two years ago that some bathrooms on Kedleston Road were stocked with some products but for those of you who have been onsite in the past 18 months this provision has disappeared. This time however I want to make sure this provision is here to stay. I want this solution to be sustainable so whether you will access these products for one year or four years, during your entire time as a student at Derby, I want this to be here for you!

If you have been reading my weekly updates you will be aware of how important I think this issue is. I genuinely believe that no student should ever have to miss out on opportunities because of their period. For me, Universities are the bastions of equality and inclusivity and therefore free period products should just come as standard when you come to study, this is what I hope to give you.

I also believe that it is important to have a conversation about this subject. I’m aware that as a cis-gendered man, in my 23 years I have never had to access these products but what I have realised from conversations with you is that this is an issue which affects so many students that its vital we talk and try to tackle this. Therefore, it’s not just about me helping to provide products for students, it’s about challenging the stigma the topic so we can all talk openly about periods.

I’m currently working with staff in the university, local charities and businesses to create a plan about how we can roll out these products to you.

Your President,
Jack Tymon


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