Changes to the Union Elections 2021

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As you probably guessed, the Union Elections are going to look a little different this year. We need to make sure things are safe and suitable for the current climate, so we've made some amendments to how things work.

Some of the big changes you might notice are:

  • No In-Person Voting - To attempt to keep everyone safe, you won't be able to vote through our Vote Herders this year, instead everyone will be asked to go to to cast your votes. Remember, you can do this on your computer, phone, tablet and you can come back and casts votes as many times as you like until voting closes on 12th March, so you don't have to vote for all the roles in one go. 
  • No face-to-face interactions with candidates - Again in the interest of safety, candidates won't be able to speak to students and talk about their campaign face to face - we've moved everything online! So keep an eye on social media and on our website to find all the information about the candidates that are going to represent your needs best.
  • No Slates Allowed -  Candidates will still be able to support each other however, and the extent of this will be defined at Candidate Training and Ratification - details of which can be found on our events page 
  • Online Events – Our Launch Event and Results Night are usually held in the Academy Bar, however this year we’ll be holding these events online. We’ll still make them as enjoyable as ever, so join us for the usual candidate reveals, results and some live giveaways too!

As ever, the best place you can go for everything elections is by visiting and check out our events page regularly for all the events we are running throughout the rest of term - and if you have any questions, please email us!


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