AGM Round Up

AGM Round Up  

The Union annual general meeting took place on Tuesday 5th February where a series of changes and proposals were discussed in great depth. It’s fantastic to see students passionate about the Union and the wider University and we would like to thank you for turning out to vote and voice your opinions. The outcome of each motion are as follows: 

PASSED - New Part Time Officer role proposal – Commuter Students Officer 
PASSED - Proposed amendments to Standing Order 8  

FAILED – Approval of policies at sports/societies AGMs  
PASSED - New Part Time Officer role proposal – Mature Students Officer 
PASSED - Review of Complaints Procedure and Policy 
PASSED - Full Time Officer team structure change 
PASSED - RAG Chair and Scrutiny Panel Change 

There was some confusion over the Officer restructure proposal which initially had been announced as failed. A mistake within the standing orders (the Union’s operational procedures) states 65% is needed to approve motions however in the Memorandum and Articles of the Union (otherwise known as our Constitution) it states a simple majority is needed. As the Constitution is the Union’s legal governing document, this document provides the ruling guidance as the organisation has to abide by these guidelines as they are agreed by the University and the Charity Commission and therefore the simple majority rules applies. The same simple majority rule has applied in every general meeting previously held by the Union since the constitution was approved. The registered vote count for the officer restructure were as follows; 

FOR – 36 



The count taken was correct, the confusion around the majority required led to the wrong result being announced during the meeting. 36 votes in favour for the proposal is a clear majority and means the proposal is approved and moving forward there will be 4 full time officer trustees.  

If anyone has any further questions about any of the proposals feel free to contact or  



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