How we represented your interests - technology

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The Union elected officers and staff regularly meet with university specialist staff in order to improve important elements of the student experience. Below are some updates from the University IT department.

  • UniFi was turned off on 21st August 2018, meaning Eduroam became the primary offering for Wi-Fi for students and staff’s personal devices
  • The University have made improvements to Eduroam to give a better experience for people connecting. This includes when UoD staff/students visit other sites.
  • They have replaced the back-end infrastructure that provides the connectivity with new equipment. Again, this helps provide a better user experience, especially as people tend to carry 2/3 devices with them each that require Wi-Fi.
  • They have increased the amount of Wireless Access Points throughout the university. This is what the devices connect to and provide the signal. (These were the white squares with blue lights on them in the ceiling). By increasing these, the university have a lesser chance of people seeing a drop in their connection.
  • They are currently using the services of a 3rd party to understand if our AP’s are in the best position for wireless coverage and potentially location services. They will soon be entering the design stage of this and this will provide us with a design they can deploy to optimise the signal strength.
  • They are adding User guides for various devices such as Apple, Android etc. to the IT Service Centre knowledge base, along with a troubleshooting page for anyone having problems connecting.
  • They are working on a Guest network that will replace “The Cloud” which will provide connection for guests to the University of Derby – they are hoping that this will be particularly useful for Open Days etc.

We want to hear from you about the above. Please post comments, queries or suggestions below, talk to one of your programme reps or elected officers or post an idea in our Ideas Forum to try and make the change you want to see. Want to make a bigger impact? Nominations are open now for the Union elections. The elections are organised so that any student can stand for election and vote for who they want to see represent them throughout the year. These elected students will then lead the Union of Students on behalf of every member of the Union and coordinate our work and direction.

A summary of what our students said last year, how and how the union represented your interests can be found in our Student Voice Report.


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