Know your rep week - Buxton student feedback and follow-up

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Ideas Discussed:

1. Buxton to derby minibus (36 votes) – Elliot Hudd

“There is no way to attend Derby sport trainings and socials as the TP bus no longer runs after 6pm on a weekday. This has completely stumped many peoples access to the Derby Kedleston campus and what they offer regarding sport and extra curricular events. This of course also goes both ways for Derby students that wish to attend Buxton campus events in the Dome. Derby has a focus on sport with fantastic facilities, and everyone should have access to it.”

University Response: The Trans-peak is a public service that runs on a commercial basis. The last departure from Buxton is 1750 and from Derby is 1950. A minibus was put on the timetable of sports students last year – this was paid for by the course. If a membership to a club has been paid and travel to training/matches is impossible the union can offer a refund.

This was also raised at the union rep conference and the estates department asked Buxton reps to show there is a demand.

Union Response: If you support the idea please follow the link to the idea above and upvote it. , further feedback to Sue Springall (  and she will work with VP (Education) Scarlet Moss.

2. Buxton sports centre (43 votes) - anonymous

Idea: “Harpur Hill was the only sports centre available to Buxton students with a cheap gym and a venue for sports games close to the campus. Buxton sports have been left high and dry with no where nearer to play than a 20 min drive or over an hour by bus. It’s been closed down with no consideration for students and their student experience, providing no alternative for games to be held. We suggest Harpur Hill is restored back to the university or another sports centre is provided.”

University Reponse: The formal response from a sports facilities perspective is that Harpur Hill was closed as a result of two actions;

a)       the withdrawal of CLANS requiring it as a teaching facility at the end of the 2016/17 academic year - However, the centre was able to remain open as Buxton & Leek College still required it.

b)      the withdrawal of Buxton & Leek College requiring the centre at the start of the 2018/19 academic year.

Comment from Ollie Shearer, Head of Sport Development:

“The Estate department (delegated to Sport as part of Estates) were asked to operate the site to accommodate the teaching provision for FE and HE, we contracted Nuffield Health as our operating partner. The College of Life and Natural Sciences removed teaching in 2017 due to the relocation of the Sports Courses and Buxton & Leek College removed teaching in 2018. On the basis that the operation was based on teaching and there is longer a teaching requirement the centre closed.”

The costs of keeping the centre open was covered by the financial input of CLANS and the College for teaching. However, once this need was withdrawn and the costs no longer covered by either institution then the centre would have to generate it’s own income to stay open. The centre would need to be heating, electricity, staffing and hot water to keep it functional, the costs of which are prohibitive in terms of keeping it open for a select group of HE students.

Alternative gym facilities have been sourced at the same price of Derby gym membership - email for more details.

Union response: Beyond the above the Union can work with our student members to understand what they need and want from such a facility and find alternative provision, as has been done with Netball who train at St Thomas’ and play matches in New Mills. This is an ongoing project and the union and university are working with elected representatives. If you have any feedback email Sue Springall ( and she will work with VP (Activities)  Dani Quill.

3.  Shop at the buxton dome site (49 votes) - anonymous

Idea: “After the recent closure of the student shop, there is no where to buy supplies at The Dome, I have noticed that there is a Blackwell pop up shop. Maybe if there was a collaboration to reopen the store, it would be a feasible shop. Either way the students here feel there needs to be a shop to buy supplies in the dome.”

Union response: Over the summer period we announced our decision to close the Dome shop at the Buxton campus. The Union had operated as shop in this space for over 12 years, however during more recent years it had struggled to cover running costs and had incurred substantial losses, losses that were predicted to continue moving forward. Over previous years we had committed to running the shop for little or no profit, the scale of losses in this year and previously, gave us cause to review the shops activities with the decision to close following this.  As part of the decision making process we held discussions with some of our members that highlighted multiple products that students wanted to be made available for purchase elsewhere. Over the summer we worked hard with the University and their catering team to ensure that the following products were made available for purchase through the outlets located on the Dome floor and in the Balcony Café:

•Confectionary items, snacks and drinks.

•Sandwiches and grab and go items from Ginsters.

•The variety of meal deal offers that were available.

Alongside ensuring these popular products remained available and accessible, the Union is striving to make the other supplies that you need available from our offices on the Dome floor. With this in mind we will be giving away free sanitary supplies to all students on request. We are also working hard to ensure you can purchase a variety of different stationary supplies such as notebooks, pens and pencils from the office and we will be announcing details shortly. In order to help us implement these and future changes important for us to capture your opinions so we can work collectively on making the changes required at the Buxton campus. Martin Beaumont the Union Head of Operations is working with Buxton reps on this. If you would like to be involved please email Sue Springall (  


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