New year, new you? Maybe all you need is a new role...

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I don't know about you, but I generally go in to the New Year with the burden of a thousand 'I wish I had done this' or 'I wish I hadn't done that' (i.e. eat that entire chocolate orange in one evening...)

If you're wanting to make 2019 the year with a little less 'I wish I had done this', we have loads of opportunities for students coming up in our Elections where you can run to be elected in a role to make real and impactful change to the students of the University of Derby. Changes made recently by our elected officers include getting the buses to be free of charge, getting microwaves on campus and getting the library to be 24 hours. It's all the things that really mean a lot to the students that YOU can be leading on or a key part of, so rather than going in to 2020 with the 'I wish I had done that's', you can go in to it with an 'I'm so glad I did that' (although you can still completely destroy that chocolate orange of course...)

We have 5 fully paid (18k, thank you very much) Full Time Officer roles and many voluntary Part Time Officer roles open which you can put yourself forward for RIGHT NOW!  Unlike a normal job or role vacancy, our Officer roles are filled by students voting for that person in our elections. All you have to do is put yourself forward (This is known as the 'Nominations Period' because you nominate yourself for the role), get people to vote for you and then whoever receives the most votes is elected in to the role. All of the roles have a start date of July 2019, but the Part Time Officer roles don't need you to be physically at University over the summer period, so don't worry if you go back home for the summer, you can still run for those roles!. 

For full details on how all of this works, the roles and what to do, please read the elections guide here and you can also email with the subject 'Elections Enquiry'.

The Nominations period is open now and will remain open until the 18th of February at 9.00am, so you have plenty of time to decide if you would like to run, find out more about the roles or talk to current Union staff - feel free to pop in to the Office at Kedleston Road or send us an email.

Once the voting period closes we will then announce the people that have put themselves forward for the roles (known as Candidates) on the 22nd of February before voting opens on Thursday 28th of February. Once voting is open, that's when you can go out and talk to students, make fliers, social media posts - whatever you can think of to help you get as many votes as possible! 

Once voting closes on 8th March, we will announce the winners at a launch event at the Academy bar at Kedleston Road Campus.

It's really as simple as that, and then you could be the next face of the Union of Students. 

Have a look at the list of roles we have below, and to find out more about each individual role you can read their description here or email

If you would just like to find out more about the elections generally and be kept updated throughout the elections season, or to express interest in particular role/s, please join the information list

The following full time officer trustee positions will be up for election:

President, Vice President - Community, Vice President - Welfare, Vice President - Activities and Vice President - Education.

The Part Time Officer roles are as follows:-

Buxton Chair
Buxton Events Officer
Buxton Activities Officer
Union Equality and Diversity Council Chair
Part Time Officer (Disabilities)
Part Time Officer (Ethnic Minorities)
Part Time Officer (Gender)
Part Time Officer (LGBTQ+)
Part Time Officer (Mental Health Awareness)
Part Time Officer (Ethics and Environment)
Part Time Officer (International Students)
Part Time Officer (Art and Media Studies)
Part Time Officer (Buxton HE)
Part Time Officer (Chesterfield)
Part Time Officer (Derby Business School)
Part Time Officer (Derby Law School)
Part Time Officer (Design)
Part Time Officer (Education Chair)
Part Time Officer (Education and Childhood)
Part Time Officer (Electronics, Computing and Maths)
Part Time Officer (Environmental Sciences)
Part Time Officer (Human Sciences)
Part Time Officer (Humanities and Journalism)
Part Time Officer (Joint Honours)
Part Time Officer (Mechanical Engineering and the Built Environment)
Part Time Officer (Music and Performance)
Part Time Officer (Social and Community Studies)
Part Time Officer (Social Sciences)
Part Time Officer (Therapeutic Practice)
Part Time Officer (Part Time Students)
Part Time Officer (Post Graduate Research)
Part Time Officer (Post Graduate Taught)
Part Time Officer (Student Parents)
Part Time Officer (UDOL Students)
Union Societies Chair
Union Sports Chair

Two further positions are planned to be introduced this year pending approval at the Union Extraordinary General Meeting on Tuesday 5th February: Mature Students Officer and Commuting Students Officer. Please contact us if you would like to run for either of these roles.

More information on all things Elections will be on our social media platforms (so please follow us!) and on our website, if you want any further information, advice or pointers in relation to the elections, again please email

And no matter what your plans are for your year ahead, we hope you have a fantastic 2019.


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