We want to see you in that role, baby by by by(elections)

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It might sound crazy, but it ain't no lie - we've got over a dozen volunteering roles coming up in our By-Elections, so what are you waiting for? It's time to get involved!

What are the roles up for grabs?

We have several roles you can put yourself forward for which cover a range of areas of student representation. Essentially, these roles are called Part Time Officers. Part Time Officers represent groups of students and the issues they face by making sure their voices are heard as well as attending meetings to vote on and guide the direction of the Union for the benefit of University of Derby Students. You may also choose to get involved with and plan events for the group of students you represent and get involved with University staff to achieve your aims.

These roles are specially tailored to fit a student lifestyle and are a fantastic addition to your CV, so don't worry about it being too time-consuming, these roles are designed to slot in to a student lifestyle.

The roles available

  • Part Time Officer (Gender)
  • Part Time Officer (Ethics & Environment)
  • Part Time Officer (Buxton HE) - Buxton students only
  • Part Time Officer (Part Time Students) - you must be a part time student
  • Part Time Officer (Postgraduate Research) - you must be a PGR student
  • Part Time Officer (Postgraduate Taught) - you must be a PGT student
  • Part Time Officer (Student Parents) - you must be a student parent
  • Part Time Officer (Commuter Students) - you must be a commuter student
  • Part Time Officer (Mature Students) - you must be a mature student (over 21 when you started your course)
  • Part Time Officer (Education & Childhood) - you must study on a course related to Education & Childhood in the Institute of Education
  • Part Time Officer (Arts & Media) - must study on a course in the discipline of Arts & Media
  • Part Time Officer (Music & Performing Arts) -  must study on a course in the discipline of Music & Performing Arts
  • Part Time Officer (Environmental Sciences) - you must study on a course in the School of Environmental Sciences
  • Part Time Officer (Allied Health and Social Care) - you must study on a course in the discipline of Allied Health and Social Care
  • Union Sports Chair
  • Buxton Chair - Buxton students only
  • Buxton Activities Officer - Buxton students only

For full details on any of these roles and what they entail, please contact Laura Maher at laura.maher@derbyunion.co.uk

How do I put myself forward for one of these roles?

We don't really wanna make it tough, so we've made it really simple! All you need to do is wait 'til the nominations period is open and nominate yourself (that just means put yourself forward) on the relevant section of our website.

The timetable for the By-Elections

  • Nominations are open now here
  • Nominations close: April 29th
  • Voting Opens: 1st May
  • Voting Closes: 8th May

Once you have nominated yourself, we will guide you through the next steps. Then, when the voting period opens, you just need to get votes from other students and the person with the most votes wins and is elected in to that role (that's how you get one of these roles you see, you are voted in!). We are a democratic organisation so unlike a normal role where you might send in a CV and then get an interview, any student can put themselves forward (subject to the restrictions outlined above) for a role and the students vote for who they think is best for it! It really is that simple.

So, as soon as voting opens, tell yourself 'I'm doing this tonight!', take the plunge and be the next voice for the students of Derby. You can make such a difference to the students here and really, you're more than welcome to.


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