We’re representing you! Updates on the library from your feedback…

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From your feedback, and in conjunction with the university, we’ve managed to get some amazing changes to your libraries including:


We also have more answers to your questions asked at Rep Conference. Here are the responses we got…


Question: Can we have audio option for e-books?

Response: The Library uses the same major publishers and suppliers for eBooks as other UK and international Universities. Once signed in to their university / library account, users can read eBooks via a publisher’s platform.  Because of this, eBooks often have a wide range of reading or speech options from title to title and depending on the publisher. In order to help students get the most out of eBooks, we are developing an Accessibility guide which provides advice on using different options, including text-to-speech readers and page reflow. The guide will be inclusive, with options that support specific needs (such as changing background and text colours for visual impairments) and general features which can be used to support study (e.g. highlighting text). We will continue to challenge suppliers on their accessibility provision.


Question: Can there be 24hrs opening times at Brit Mill or longer library hours there during the week and weekends?

Response: We've been really pleased to provide 24/7 opening for the first time at our Derby Campus this year. We have focused on Kedleston Road, as it is the largest of our libraries, and we encourage students from across the Derby campus to make use of it. There are no immediate plans to extend opening hours at Britannia Mill library.


Question: Can we have more space at Brit Mill library and café? Also at Chandos Pole and more space for each separate year?

Response: Library, study and learning space is being reviewed as part of the Library Student co-creation project. There will be lots of opportunities for students to shape the spaces of the future. The University looks at different opportunities to use space creatively and recognises the value of using different spaces for study and learning purposes.


Question: Can One Friar Gate Square have a more advanced library as not all students can access Ked Road (where the childcare facilities are)?

Response: The Library provides a small research/reference collection at OFGS. Currently we don't have plans to put a full library there. However, we hope that the free bus service and longer opening hours at Kedleston Road has made this easier to access. We have invested in additional online resources this year to support subjects at Friar Gate; these can of course be accessed anywhere. We also encourage students to use Britannia Mill Library, as it is a short walk from Friar Gate and provides study space. Book reservations can be collected from Britannia Mill and returned there. We are just starting some scoping work on the potential for a book collection facility at One Friar Gate Square, and will keep you updated with progress.


Question: Can we have more books for Social Science?

Response: The majority of our social sciences collections are at Kedleston Road. There are also books in this area at Leek, Buxton, Britannia Mill and Chesterfield. We have bought some additional databases this year which have good social science related content. Why not speak to your amazing subject librarian and they can show you how to find lots of different social sciences resources. Have a look at our subject guides for more information: https://libguides.derby.ac.uk/index.php?b=s


Question: Can we have coloured paper for disabled students who can't have black ink on white paper?

Response: We've started a conversation with the University's Student Wellbeing Service about this to understand the best way to support this need, how it could be managed and help inform future provision. We do have coloured overlays available at all our Libraries for students to use. These can help students read text on white paper. Please ask at a Library desk if you wish to borrow them.


Question: Can specialist software be installed in the library computers (Houdini, Maya, Adobe)?

Response: We do have some specialist software in library computers. It would be really useful to know what software you're looking for. Availability is subject to license. Some University software we have site wide licenses so it can be installed everywhere. Some software is purchased individually which means we have to look at how many computers it can be put on and the best locations. But we can have these conversations with our IT department who are really supportive, if you let us know what you would like on library computers by emailing us at library@derby.ac.uk


Question: Why are the library, study areas and computer labs unavailable during holidays?

Response: All our Libraries open during the vacation period. There may be reduced hours at weekends and evenings which reflect usage levels. Although the University is closed between Christmas Day and New Year's Day, however both Kedleston Road and Buxton libraries provide some days of opening during this period.


Question: Can we have more work books in the sports centre?

Response: As the library does not provide workbooks in the sports centre, it would be useful to have more information on this to understand what is being asked for. Please could you email us with some more details on library@derby.ac.uk


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