we're representing you at Derby Theatre!

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We're representing you!

We were part of a student forum at Derby Theatre yesterday. Find out what feedback was given and what actions have been taken by staff:


Attendees from Union of Students:

  • Michael Beaumont – Head of Operations (MB)
  • Charlie Bell – Vice President (Community) (CB)
  • Stephanie Groves – Student Voice Co-ordinator (SG)

Positive feedback for buses

  • Staff commented that the bus service was good and well used
  • ACTION – Feedback given to Scarlet Moss to take to bus review on Thursday (7th March)

Bus between Derby Theatre and Markeaton Street

  • Staff highlighted the need for this bus route as a lot of teaching is split between these two sites
  • ACTION – MB to look into this

Earlier No.6 buses towards Derby Theatre

  • Student raised the issue of getting to Derby Theatre for 9am as buses do not run that early from Ked Road
  • ACTION – MB to look into this

Buses leaving early

  • Student commented that the bus often leaves early at her stop by Sainsbury’s on Ked Road
  • ACTION – MB to feed this back

Bus route needed near Warner Street

  • A student commented that there are no buses that go past Warner Street
  • Union staff did highlight that the bus route does look at accommodating halls of residence rather than all accommodation, but it is still something that we can look into
  • ACTION – CB to look into this

Keypad rather than card reader to get into student suite

  • A student asked if the keypad into the student suite could be changed to a card reader instead, as all of the other security systems are card readers and sometimes the code gets changed and students don’t know the new code.
  • MB said that this could be fairly easy to get sorted. ACTION – MB to look into this.


  • Student rep fed back that PCMs are often held on Wednesday afternoons and students do not have lectures then so often work.
  • SG said that we are currently looking at the rep scheme as a whole, including the PCMs. Currently they are part of the wider staff committee structure and are often held on a Wednesday as staff do not often teach at that time. This does impact students, however, so this is something that we will be looking into for next year.
  • In the meantime though, SG highlighted the importance of still sending in feedback via email if you cannot make the meeting

PTO for Music and Performance

  • SG raised the issue that there is currently no one running for the position of Part Time Officer (music and performance). SG explained the role and urged students to run for it in the Union’s by-elections next month. For more info on the role of a PTO please see our website and email Dave or Laura at elections@derbyunion.co.uk for more info.

Can PTOs deputise?

  • A staff member raised the issue that as there is only one PTO it often happens that they cannot make a meeting. Can they deputise to someone else in these cases?
  • SG replied that they can and this year we are looking a have more senior reps who would be good contacts for the PTOs to have in cases such as this. It’s definitely a good idea and something that we will aim to put in place more clearly for the new PTOs.

Could the PTO roles be split?

  • A student raised the issue that it might be difficult for a PTO to represent both music and performance, and asked if the role could be split into two positions.
  • SG highlighted that the roles did need to align with the discipline titles and that the PTO roles represent students from a whole area, and not so much on a programme level as programme reps take care of this. A PTO would be able to use the programme reps and gather feedback from them to take to more senior meetings, and so would have that structure in place to help them gather feedback from all courses in that discipline.
  • ACTION – SG will take this back to the team and look at making this more clear to students so they do not feel put off applying for these roles.

Thank you to everyone who attended and gave feedback - your voice has made a real difference!


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