Members draw Friday 5pm

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Why would you join the Maths Society other than for the chance to win a pair of - literally - the most exclusive earphones on the market? Well, first of all, we think it makes good career sense. Maths Society membership will make your CV stand out and look pretty cool (to go with those cool earphones you've just won maybe). "Why did you join?" asks your curious interviewer "well to be honest, actually the guys in the maths Society looked like a pretty fun bunch and I realised that Maths affects everything and I was curious to know more. One thing I learnt was [ask fellow maths Society member for a fun maths fact about your subject]" Oh and by the way we are a fun bunch, we do pub quizzes, escape rooms and youtube videos.... and we can help you with your maths if you need it. Anyway... all this for £3.14 PLUS the chance to win a pair of Bang & Olufsen earphones that connects to your phone, operates by tapping, works underwater and is unbelievable sound quality! Go to the union page, societies, mathematics and join us. Hi Five from the Maths Society Committee ????


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