RAG Activity Afternoon

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Hey, Sarah here. So today we put on our big RAG Activity Afternoon. Started off a very busy morning, finishing all the prep and getting it up to university, waiting for the right taxi to turn up so I could get all the stuff there. I daresay somewhat of a nightmare. But we got there, got set up and ready for the day. There was an awesome soft play area, with slide, ball pool, shapes and even a blow up house with a kitchen.  It was brilliant, the kids loved it! The Cheerleaders were brilliant, they showed the kids some of their moves, got the pom poms out and did some awesome stuff with the kids. History Society brought along some horrible history activities. Kids coloured in their own pirates, my Ruby decided to call her pirate 'Peeter'. The Maths Society brought along some brilliant maths games which were loved by parents and kids, they even dressed up for us as a magician, a crazy scientist and a detective. There was crafts and cake decorating, giant games and a kids quiz and bingo. The kids loved it.
It's been a very long week putting final preparations together for the event, we have been selling raffle tickets over the last week, advertising, making posters and arranging all last minute bits, but it has all been worth it. The kids loved it, which is brilliant. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the kids smile and laugh and enjoying spending time with those they love, who are usually spending hours of their time working and studying to make better futures for their kids.
I see a lot from student parents, about how they feel guilty about how little time they spend with their kids, so it is events like this that I love the most. We do what we do for our kids to give them a better life, and being able to involve them in this part of our lives starts to break down that seperation. The kids get to make new friends, the families get to spend time together, we get to meet other parents and make friends,  we get some of that social life back that we lose from being full time parents and students. 
Anyway, back to it, today was great! We have raised lots of money for RAG, which we will find out the totals of on Monday so I will let you know how we have got on :-). Next event is next week, a cake decorating workshop, where kids can come along and make some Christmas themed cupcakes. We hope to see lots of you there!
Sarah Moore, President, Student Parents Society
Rag bear with the Cheerleaders!
Maths Society in their fancy dress and the soft play area.


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