Buxton Part Time Officer Successes

Your Part Time Officers at Buxton have worked incredibly hard this year to enact change and voice feedback on behalf of the students studying at Buxton.

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Your Part Time Officers for Buxton have spent the past academic year voicing all the opinions and feedback of students studying at the Buxton campus through an incredibly difficult period.

Here are just a few of the key successes that the Part Time Officers for Buxton have been involved with this academic year:

  • Support students through a campus closure
  • Spent hours on teams with Buxton students and the lecturers to ensure nobody was left struggling
  • Ensures students made the most of the time they had left at the Buxton campus
  • Set up meetings with SAGE (Student and Graduate Experience Team), Kamil Omoteso, Dean of Business, Law and Social Sciences and Buxton teaching staff to stand up for what they believe in and remained professional when some of decisions were very personal.
  • Supported students through Covid-19 and ensured those students who were entitled to practical lessons felt they had sufficient time to undertake those.
  • Ran a brand new Buxton society, organised and hosted many events that were well received by students
  • Been involved in College Student Forums throughout the year by directly providing feedback to the Dean of the College, Deputy Dean and support services at the University of Derby to improve the student experience.

“I think on a personal level our biggest success is staying strong as a three. We have laughed, cried and stressed together as a little trio and I feel so lucky to have worked alongside the Buxton PTOS. I've made two very amazing friends and event though we have had to deal with an awful lot at our little campus we have all done it with a smile on our face and I'm pretty sure we would do it all again in a heartbeat.”

Charlotte Harrison-Wear, Buxton Chair

“It's definitely been a big challenge and a lot of hard work but I've had a lot of fun doing it with two of the best people!”

Hatty Green, Buxton Activities

"It’s been such a pleasure to work with this team over the past year, and even if it’s been a challenge at some points it’s always been fun!"

Sam Bradley, Buxton Education HE

If you could distil the Union down to its core you'd find change. We manifest the student community at the University of Derby, giving you a collective voice that can be used to change all sorts of things that affect you during your time at university.

Issues with your course can be changed through our Academic Representation scheme and other changes, big and small – from how much money is invested into sports teams down to what food is on offer in the bar, can happen through our ideas forum.

Even changes to how we effect change can be made through our governance structures. These are all written by students and set out the rules on how everything at the Union is done.

Change is at the heart of everything we do, and you are at the heart of every change we make.


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