HOW many votes??!?

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We had an amazing elections this year with thousands of votes cast. Here are the numbers:

62 candidates ran
2,743 students voted
21,915 votes were cast

Voters by college

The college with the most voters was... (drumroll please!)

  1. Business, Law and Social Science (with around 570 voters!)
  2. With Arts, Humanities and Education coming in a very close second!
  3. College of Life and Natural Science
  4. Health and Social Care
  5. Engineering and Technology

We also had around 300 voters from Joint Honours, Centre of Contemporary Hospitality and Tourism and UDOL (University of Derby Online Learning).

Voters from year groups

Most of the voters were from first year (around 850) with second year students coming in second (around 730) and third year coming in third (around 660). Here's a photo of your new officer team and you can find out full details, including the voting breakdown, on the Elections Results article

Each year we want to make the elections bigger and better and have more and more voters spread across every college, every site and every year group!

Make sure you look out for our By-elections, where you cast your vote on, or even stand for, the positions that we did not fill in the main elections. Nominations close at 5.00pm on Monday 29th April and polls open at 12.00pm on Wednesday 1st May. Find out more on our Elections pages.


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