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A Union Representative speaks into a microphone at the Programme Rep Conference.

Over two Wednesdays in December representatives and students in Buxton (Contemproary Hospitality and Outdoor Students respectively) met to ask questions about future developments planned that will affect them following the announcement of a "phasing out of some elements of the University’s academic provision in Buxton from 2020 through to 2022". Several senior staff from the University were present and provided responses and these are detailed here.

Culinary Questions

1. Has the location for culinary arts been secured in Derby?

Yes - will be the main site, very high profile and state of the art. They will need to create a design brief and would like student involvement (including via the representatives of the Union) from January.

2. How do we propose specific facilities?

Current facilities won’t be shipped down, it’ll be new items. All students are encouraged to talk to tutors with their ideas.

3. Can culinary students apply to work at the Academy?

Yes we would appreciate your expertise! Look out for vacancies online when the time comes

4. How will catering, hospitality and tourism students work together while they are across sites?

Derby students will be able to travel to Buxton one day a week and work in the restaurant (transport provided). Buxton based students will have the opportunity to come down to Derby to work with them. The University will still work with external organisations around Derby. Students will have the opportunity to conduct more interdisciplinary work eg with health students (on diet) or with business students on management skills.

Visiting Derby/Buxton

What if I want to visit the Derby campus?

There will be a bus for Buxton students to attend an open day.

Sarah Rawlinson - Union have been working on the living room concept.

Will we still get the trans-peak busses for free?

Until the last student moves.. do not foresee beyond that but wouldn’t have a significant need.

Studying in Derby

Is there enough space for students moving down to Derby to be in halls and would accommodation be en suite? 

Yes there will be space and, as the vast majority of accommodation in Derby is en suite, that would be the case for Buxton students.

We are like a family - how will that be maintained? 

It is the people that make a family and these will be maintained.

Will class sizes be maintained so you get a small group experience?

Maximum is 12, more than 12 would not work. More lecturers if we grew.

What about..?

What about Spa? 

Next Wednesday reviewing the tender submissions, there is a student rep in that group. The Crescent is opening in 2020 and they are reruiting staff.  It is an asset in a spa town.

What about the Library? 

We don’t yet fullly know in terms of the Dome library -  may not be space to move everyhing over… but you will have what you need.


How will Buxton students leave a legacy? 

Student reps are asking their peers to come up with ideas and they will meet in January. There will be an amazing graduation party for the last one with alumni. Where possible graduates are being asked to provide feedback on the changes and are invited to opening of new facilities.

What will be happening with the facilities here after students leave (asked by a student who is local)? 

The university is writing an initial paper by the end of January and are looking to make it a civic hub - if students want to be on a board to discuss this they are welcome.

What will happen with the FE college?

Plans being developed at present, HE students will be kept informed.

Outdoor Students

Andy Hooton discussed why the decision to withdraw the courses had been made, and students were shown statistics from other Universities that have falling numbers in outdoor degrees. The college is potentially looking at introducing a combined Sport & Exercise with Outdoor degree, which would launch in 2021. Students have been asked to input their ideas to help shape this new offering Concerns raised over the amount of trips/excursions on offer in the coming years. Andy reassured that Life and Natural Science students at other sites will be offered places to help boost numbers so that these can continue.

  • New projects for the students to work on including a cycling event were discussed
  • No other concerns were raised other than the future of the building
  • All year groups are happy and feel supported so far

Next Steps

What follow-up meetings will take place?

It was agreed that meetings would be ongoing, regular but as updates are ready. Inbetween these points other communication methods are being used. 

What if I have further questions or need support?

You can email with feedback on the changes and/or contact your Buxton based Officers and Academic Representatives. Your Buxton based Union Advisor is on-site weekly for face-to-face appointlments and our Derby advisors can offer telephone appointments at other times, to book an appointment please call 01332 591507, pop into one of the Union offices in the Dome, or use our online booking form.


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