Scrutiny Panel - October 2021

Scrutiny Panel is a meeting held by the Union of Students several times a year where your elected full-time officers (and any Student Officers who have been called) give updates on the progress of their manifesto points and work within their role. This ensures that the Officers can be held to account for the things promised within their manifestos.

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Before the scrutiny panel

The panellists are selected from students who have volunteering roles within the Union such as the Student Officers and committee members for sports/societies. The panel will be chaired by one of the Student Trustees. The Officers will have submitted to the panellists a written report detailing the work they have done towards their manifesto points and their progress within their role. The panellists will read through the reports and submit questions to challenge the reports. Any student wishing to take up a vacant Student Officer position would also have to submit their manifestos before the scrutiny panel.

During Scrutiny Panel

The Officers will deliver their reports verbally to the panel and in front of a student audience. Students are encouraged to attend as audience members so they can gain an insight into the work that the Union is doing on their behalf. The panellists and the audience can then ask any questions they may have regarding the updates. Manifestos for any vacant Student Officer positions will also be presented and questioned by both the panel and audience.

After the scrutiny panel

The audience will then leave the panellists and the Chair in the meeting to discuss and vote on whether the Officers have made sufficient progress with their manifestos and within their roles. If they have, the report is passed and no further action is needed. If not, recommendations for improvement can be made. An officer can face disciplinary action (including being removed from post) if the recommendations are not actioned or if it’s a serious case. The panellists will then take a vote on whether or not to appoint any of the candidates into the respective Student Officer role.

Outcomes of the latest Scrutiny Panel

The first Scrutiny Panel of the 2021/22 academic year was held on Wednesday, October 20th and it was held in a hybrid fashion both online and in-person. All reports and manifestos for this scrutiny panel can be found on our website.

  • Jack Tymon – President PASSED
  • Nina Cupric – VP Education PASSED
  • Owen Marques – VP Welfare PASSED
  • Beth Baxtrem – VP Activities PASSED
  • Poppy Gardner – Societies Chair PASSED
  • Callum Fox-Lang – Sports Chair  PASSED
  • Four new Student Officers and one Chair voted in


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